Paramporul Foundation, The modern age marvel Paramporul Foundation was inaugurated on 1st April 2021. Ever since the foundation has been striving against odds to feed 300 to 500 hungry souls with an afternoon meal every single day. This feat was made possible through the inexorable effort and the charitable vision of its founder Maha Vishnu.

Maha Vishnu was born on July 2nd, 1994 in a government hospital in Alanganallur, Madurai. As the eldest son to the couple Krishnamurthy and Parameswari. As if he had taken an oath to feel responsible for every life that suffering from hunger. Maha Vishnu has been living as an exemplar and stands by his promise to this day. He ventured out to various temples and Jeeva Samadhis of Siddhas. And started learning the philosophies behind spiritual ideologies step by step from the wise ones.

589He started a YouTube channel named Paramporul Foundation and began to discuss the intricate philosophies of life and revealed openly the most revered secrets of spirituality that weren’t shared so transparently before. Eventually, Maha Vishnu’s videos gained so much popularity.

Among the public over time, moreover, Maha Vishnu wasn’t keen on keeping the revenue generated through these videos for himself. Aside from the small sum he took to satisfy his needs, he made sure the rest of the income was used solely to feed a heartful meal to the poor and downtrodden people. Every Thursday afternoon through his foundation on May 10th, 2021, Maha Vishnu lit the urns in his kitchen ever since.

He has been providing food for 500 souls every single day. He even started spiritual seminars called Paramporul Yoga to enlighten people about powerful meditation techniques and revealed the secrets behind spirituality. The sages and gurus have followed and passed on to us for centuries. Government employees, teachers, doctors, engineers, business owners, sports people, and many othsers from various streams have participated in the spiritual seminars and have understood that the realm of enlightenment that surrounds spirtuality.

Spirituality is the one that lies beyond caste, religion, race, language, culture, etc. Paramporul Foundation is registered with the Indian government and abides by all rules and regulations. The legislation has mandated the donations contributed by the people.

Towards the foundation are processed and exempted under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act. The donations collected during the sessions are transparently used to provide food for more than 300 people every day. In addition to that, the funds are directed towards providing dresses for the poor for taking care of the educational expenses of underprivileged kids.

For providing aid to construct buildings for government schools, for planting and caring for tree saplings, aid for marriage and medical expenses, aid to support and care for senior citizens, and for organizing Costfree eye camps. Extraordinary talent in sports is encouraged with financial aid. In addition to the major Indian cities, Maha Vishnu also delivers seminars and Paramporul Yogam training.

To people living in Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Dubai, and many other countries feeding the hunger first wisdom. Next is the mission statement of the Paramporul Foundation. Maha Vishnu met with the Honorable Educational Minister Mr. Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi and submitted a petition on behalf of Paramporul Foundation requesting to incorporate Balalar’s Thiru Chitrambala Kalvi Tiruvarutpa.

In Tamil Nadu textbooks, individuals who are interested can take part in Paramporul Yogam sessions and can also continue to support us by becoming benefactors of Paramporul foundations. Mission and vision efforts come together, and join hands.